Full Stack Software Engineer

We're building best-in-class autonomous digital workers to revolutionise the way you work. We've raised a $2m pre-seed from the world's best investors, have seen incredible traction with our early product, and are looking to grow the team!
London, UK
Full time


11x is Unleashing the Era of Digital Workers on our mission to Automate Everything. We are developing the infrastructure to enable anyone to build, share, and deploy Digital Workers who can be hired just like humans. Imagine how the world will look when the 3.8 billion daily hours spent on mundane and repetitive tasks are instead redeployed to solving the existential problems facing humanity…

We are growing rapidly:

  • The world’s best investors, founders, and operators have all backed our Seed
  • Our customer growth is off-the-charts.

What you will be doing:

You’ll build end-to-end, AI-powered products from scratch to deploy to tens of thousands of users in a matter of months. You’ll need to write a lot of code. You’ll get your hands dirty with coding, technical architecture, infrastructure, DevOps, and everything in between. You will be an indispensable element of our team as we build great product, grow in scale, and deliver a new era of work.

Our Tech Stack:

  • General: 90% TypeScript 10% Python
  • Web Front-end: NextJS, React, Material UI, Hasura for our GraphQL API layer, Apollo with GraphQL-CodeGen

About You:

  • Have been an early-stage engineer in a hyper-growth environment or a startup founder (50% of our team is former founders)
  • You ship very quickly and urgency is in your DNA
  • Have meaningful experience with building (and rebuilding) production systems to deliver new product capabilities and to handle increasing scale
  • You care deeply about delighting customers
  • You have a humble attitude, and a desire to do whatever it takes to make the team succeed
  • You are ready to work hard in order to make a once-in-a-lifetime, global impact on the world of work


We offer top compensation packages – backed by 2-3x more equity than the “normal” amount. Our ethos is to keep the team small but insanely brilliant.

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