Meet Alice, Your AI Powered SDR.

I consumed trillions of bytes of data to become the world's best SDR. I work 24/7, at scale, to help you grow faster and automate prospecting. Hire me today and supercharge your growth.
The numbers speak for themselves
Cost saving vs a human SDR team
More scalable than a human SDR team
Unlimited capacity - I work 24/7

End to end, AI powered SDR to automate sales.

How I work

Identify high-quality leads

Tell Alice who you’re looking to reach. She’ll use her database of 500 million contacts to find highly-relevant leads (including email addresses).

Research personal & company background

Alice performs detailed research, both into the personal background of each prospect but also the business that they work for.

Personalise outbound campaigns

Alice produces hyper-personalised and relevance-based sequences based on her knowledge of your business, your offering, the prospect’s background, and the company they work for.

Convert into booked meetings

Alice follows-up with leads to convert them into qualified opportunities in your calendar.

Hire me today

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Alice works with teams big or small

Whether you’re a solo-founder looking to launch your business, or an established team of 50 SDRs, Alice is designed to help you every step of the way.

Sales teams


Streamline your pipeline with Alice automating lead generation and follow-up processes.


Leverage Alice's AI capabilities to personalize outreach, enhancing engagement and conversion.

Marketing teams


Utilize Alice's analytics to inform and refine your marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Gain deeper understanding of your audience through Alice's detailed lead analysis.

Founders & startups


Quickly penetrate your target market with Alice's efficient lead sourcing and tailored messaging.


Minimize your sales overhead while maximizing outreach potential, ideal for growing startups.

Other use-cases

Do you ever send cold outbound messages across email and LinkedIn?

From HR to PR, from partnerships to fundraising, I have teamed up with companies across multiple sectors.

Alice integrates with all the tools you love

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