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"Once it was so, that every yarn of cloth required human hands to craft it; then came the Power Loom, which liberated those hands to work on tasks of greater value. Once it was so, that every repetitive task required human minds to complete it; then came the Digital Worker, which liberated those minds to work on tasks of greater meaning. The Industrial Revolution freed us from mindless physical labour. So too shall the Digital Worker free us from mindless intellectual labour."

The Future of Work

Hundreds of millions of human beings across the world spend every hour of their working life on repetitive intellectual labour. To spend a day filling out tax forms, or manually entering data, or prospecting leads: this is a demoralising state of affairs not befitting our technological progress. Digital Workers shall change this.

Soon, every workplace will include a multitude of autonomous agents. These agents will work with precision and efficiency as they sweep up repetitive and mundane tasks. Imagine a world where you are free from the burden of every manual, mundane intellectual task you currently perform.

And what work shall be left for human beings in this future? The answer is simple: every activity of creative value. We shall deploy our attentions and energies exclusively on creative tasks. We shall focus our work not on time-consuming and automatable repetition, but on solving problems of critical relevance to the future of humanity.

What must be in place to enable this future

For this future to become a reality, three things must be in place:

  1. An easy-to-use platform
  2. On which people can build Digital Workers for differentiated, specific tasks
  3. Which are easy to deploy
  4. In short: the infrastructure must exist to enable millions of people to build, share, and deploy Digital Workers.

The current paradigm cannot achieve this. Currently, individual companies build individual automation tools which service individual problems. However, there are too many bottlenecks in this approach for it to enable a real step-change.

We are the abstraction layer: the marketplace of Digital Workers. Rather than a company which builds a single automation tool – highly constrained by the need for a large market – we will enable developers to capture the long-tail of repetitive tasks which the status quo does not currently service.

How 11x will Build this Future

11x today launches our flagship project: Platform X. Platform X is a no-code platform which will enable anyone – from full-stack engineer to accountant, from train driver to film producer – to build, share and deploy Digital Workers. These Digital Workers will fit seamlessly into your existing workflows. Some may solve hyper-specific tasks personal to you; some the whole world may deploy across very general workflows. Platform X makes the process of automating any AI-powered workflow seamless.

Introducing Alice: the world’s first Digital Worker

Our first step in building this future is Alice: the world’s first Digital Worker, and the world’s first truly AI Powered SDR. Alice is your new AI Sales Representative and she automates your entire outbound sales process. Alice is infinitely scalable; she learns rapidly; and she never stops working. It is no surprise that Alice books sales teams 5x more meetings at 10x lower prices than human Sales Representatives.

Alice is all-knowing: she has ingested trillions of bytes of data and over 500 million leads. Alice curates lists of highest-value prospects from these leads. Then, according to your very specific company profile and product value proposition, Alice crafts highly-personalised outbound campaigns where every word of every message is tailored to your lead.

But Alice is only the beginning. With Platform X, developers across the world will build their own Alices, deployable across specific industries, geographies, and pain points. We see a future of millions of Digital Workers, scaling the world’s creative energies in unimaginable ways.

Our approach

At, we’re not just another tech company. We’re building a new world where work is smarter, faster, and ultra-efficient. Our autonomous agents are powerful tools that will help businesses thrive in this rapidly changing landscape.

The impact of on jobs is transformative, not eliminative. We envision a future where AI Digital Workers amplify human potential, freeing employees from repetitive tasks to focus on strategic, creative, and high-value activities. By automating routine functions, we empower businesses to scale efficiently, opening doors to new roles, industries, and innovative endeavours. The collaboration between humans and AI Digital Workers creates a dynamic synergy, driving productivity, innovation, and redefining traditional job roles.


With our initial $2m fundraise from some of the world’s best investors - we’re equipped to build additional Digital Workers and bring them to the world, and to further the development of the underlying ‘Platform X’ that would enable anyone to build an AI Digital Worker. We can’t wait to witness the extraordinary feats businesses will achieve with our technology.

Hasan Sukkar
Founder & CEO

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