Full Stack Engineer (Generalist)

👩‍💼 Introducing 11x

At 11x, we’re building AGI within the context of work. We're building fully autonomous Digital Workers. Growing at an extremely rapid pace with a world class team on a mission to change the very nature of work.

Over 4 billion hours are spent on menial tasks at work, every month. Our mission at 11x is to unleash the future of work - Digital Workers - on the world and automate menial and laborious work so that people have the space to work more creatively, with higher leverage.

Our culture is based on extreme velocity, full ownership, and pushing the boundaries. If you're looking to do work that will accelerate your career to new heights, please apply.

📈 About the team

11x established the Digital Worker category by building the worlds first AI Sales Development Rep (SDR).

As the leaders in deploying LLMs to automate end-to-end jobs, and we're working to build Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) within the context of work. We believe the future of work is autonomous and that unleashing Digital Workers will have massively disruptive and positive consequences in how people work, with each other and with AI.

🧑‍💻 What is this role?

The Product Engineering team is responsible for building and delivering workers like Alice, ensuring companies that hire Alice have the world’s best Digital SDR. 11x's customers represent a range of diverse backgrounds and maturity, from early-stage startups to established global enterprises.

We are looking for a driven, innovative and generalist full-stack software engineer to ideate, scope, and train Alice around previously unsolvable problems that deliver significant value for our customers and, in turn, their future customers. You will have the opportunity to build agents full-stack, initially in the context of Alice, and later across a range of workers built to automate the billions of human hours spent on menial tasks every year. You will collaborate closely with the Product and Engineering team.

Our stack is rapidly changing but currently includes NextJS (+ Tailwind), Prisma and GraphQL, with AWS and Azure in the cloud as well as use of OpenAI, Anthropic, Gemini and Perplexity.

This role is based in our London HQ in Shoreditch or our upcoming SF HQ.

👷🏾‍♀️ What you’ll be doing

  • Scale the range of workflows, data pipelines and integrations that are the core of how Alice works.
  • Build new workflows within Alice, and contribute to the maintenance of existing feature-rich workflows.
  • Be the connective tissue between Applied Research, GTM, Product, and Engineering, especially when it comes to frontier model techniques for customer use cases - Alice and beyond.
  • Highlight new and creative ways our architecture and Digital Worker playbook can be established in new domains.

✅ About you

These are not fixed requirements but the more you have, the better;

  • Have 4+ years of software engineering experience cross stack.
  • Have built and/or delivered products that have reached users/customers at scale.
  • Proactively identify opportunities for maximizing our customers’ business value through Alice, and build those opportunities into production.
  • Own problems end-to-end, and be willing to pick up whatever knowledge you're missing to get the job done to ensure both your team and our customers succeed.
  • Have a humble attitude and an eagerness to help others with empathy.
  • Have a desire to work directly with technical and non-technical customers, be a good listener and interpreter of their needs, and not be afraid to inquire deeper.
  • Operate with high urgency, be adept at frequent context switching and working on multiple projects at once with expansive ownership, and ruthlessly prioritize.
  • Thrive in dynamic environments and can navigate ambiguity with ease.
  • Have led complex technical projects and programs potentially with many stakeholders.
  • Promote diversity in thought.
  • Be an effective and polished communicator.
  • Are passionate about LLMs and widening the reach of practical AI technologies.

📫 Closing

At 11x, we're dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment regardless of gender identity, orientation, or expression. Our mission is to eradicate exclusivity and barriers and encourage fresh thinking and perceptions to build a multi-billion dollar outcome and fundamentally change the future of work. We don't define ourselves by race, gender, or age.

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